established in 2017

Moonlight Desert Camp is set up by a Berber family who born in Erg Chebbi where is a part of Sahara.  Our parents were nomad for most of their life.  They raised animals such as goats, sheep and camels for a living.  However, because of the drought that happened some 40 years ago in the desert, most of the nomadic families who lived in the desert area including our family were obliged to move and live in a small village nearby.  Then they changed their life and became farmers.  After 15 years of farming, the water table were affected by the drought, so our family went back to the desert and built our current camp in order to provide jobs for the nomad children. 

Our staff are all from the desert area so as to support nomadic families living over there.  We are always happy to welcome you in our camp and show you around our area and share our history.  We speak different languages including English.


Sahara Desert

Sahara, one of the largest desert in the world, is located in North Africa.  Sahara means desert in Arabic.  

Erg Chebbi and Erg Chigaga are the two largest ergs in Morocco. Our camp is located in Erg Chebbi where is 40km away from Mezouga and the nearest city is Rissani.

Most tourists are interested to take camel ride from Merzouga and enjoy the splendid sunset over the sand dune and stay overnight to taste the living experience in the desert.